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Bespoke & Breed Dog Coats

Dog coats in other sizes and colours

Lansdown dog coats are available in twelve sizes. However, if none of these suit and you need extra small dog coats or specially made dog coats for large dogs then please give us a call to see if we can help. 

If you fancy a dog coat in a different colour or with different binding, (see above for our bespoke Spanish Water Dog Coat in the breed's national colours of red and yellow!) then give us a call to discuss. Personalised dog coats are available from an additional £7.50. We can also embroider your dog's name, breed club badge or logo.

Breed Dog Coats

We are currently developing a range of specialist breed coats to include: whippet dog coats, greyhound dog coats, pug dog coats, bulldog / bull terrier dog coats, dachshund dog coats and great dane dog coats! In the meantime, or if you don't see you breed featured here, please contact us to discuss your requirements, we would love to talk to you.

Bespoke Horse Rugs

If you would like a horse rug made in a different colour combination to the ones featured on our website, please call us to discuss our range of rug/coat colour and binding options and design your own! We regularly make horse rugs to match our customer's racing, cross country or stable colours, (or just their favourite colour!) We can also embroider your logo, or horse's name.

Your choice of Thermelite colour horse rugs (with your choice of double binding) are an additional £20, whilst personalised Diamond Jaquard designs are an additional £35. (A Jaquard design involves stripping down our knitting machines, cleaning them to remove all traces of other thread colours, and finally rethreading with your choice of panel and diamond combination). 

Horse Rug Embroidery

If you would like a personalised horse rug with your horse or stable's name embroidered onto it, just ask at the time of purchase. Embroidery is £15 and, because we do it ourselves in our factory in Carmarthen, you can describe exactly how you would like it to appear!

Difficult Shaped Horse?

At Lansdown, we really appreciate the importance of both horse rugs and dog coats fitting properly to ensure they fulfil their purpose and allow freedom of movement. We go out of our way to achieve the perfect fit in the design and manufacturing process.

We also understand that no horse is the same, and sometimes, they just don't fit a standard size rug. We will do our best to make our Thermelite, Stable and Turnout horse rugs to fit even the most challengingly shaped animal! Prices for bespoke rugs vary depending on the level of complexity involved. As a general guide, we usually charge a minimum of £50 on top of the price of the rug.

If you would like to speak to us about commissioning a bespoke fit horse rug or dog coat, please call us. We will arrange for our fit expert to call you back and discuss your horse's breed, age, shape and measurements. It is often useful to have some photos of your horse (without a rug or saddle). 

Please note that whilst we will do our best to help, lead times will vary according to season. We are particularly busy just before and just after Badminton, Blenheim and Burghley Horse Trials. We will always be able to tell you how long the wait is likely to be, however. 

See below for one of our favourite bespoke orders! Pictured is Bijou, 7 years old and eventing at BE100, taking a break with Nimrod.


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