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 At Lansdown we are renowned for our high performance, technical knit wicking fabrics manufactured by ourselves in our factory in Carmarthen, Wales. We have put this expertise into our unique Thermelite Multi-Purpose Rugs and our Therma-Dry Dog Coats as well as our Lansdown Quiltknit Shooting Jumpers (see below)

Canine & Equine Fabrics:

Our fabric is made out of inner and outer layers of quilted acrylic material. These “sandwich” an inner core of polypropylene fibre.

Wicking Technology

These three layers are fully breathable and their unbeatable wicking properties mean that they draw moisture through and not into the rug itself. You can watch as beads of moisture form on the outside of the rug when it is on your horse before evaporating away! Because the coat itself does not retain moisture, your horse dries quickly without chilling and the rug can stay on all night.

It is for this reason we do not use wool in our rugs. Wool absorbs moisture and is held in the rug for longer.

Comfort and Performance

The knitted acrylic fabric is extremely soft and will actually mould to your horse or dogs shape over time further enhancing our Lansdown fit. 

We have made sure that our rugs are also extremely hardwearing. The top layer of acrylic is tightly knitted to ensure the rug is snag resistant, whilst our string tape, sewn along the top line (in our horse rugs) ensures that our fabric will not stretch or lose its shape.

Our rugs and dog coats are fully machine washable

Shooting Jumper Fabrics:

Our Quiltknit fabric is without equal when it comes to performance, durability, practicality and comfort.

Our Heavy Weight jumpers are comprised of three layers. An outer layer, of tightly knitted double ply yarn is made from a blend of 80% acrylic and 20% wool. This provides excellent thermal properties (knitted fabrics trap more air than their conventional woven equivalents), good wind and snag resistance, thanks to the tightness of the knit and, because of the addition of wool to the mix, the jumper’s smart wool look and feel.

At the technical heart of the Quiltknit is the polypropylene filling. This is almost totally non-absorbent – it never becomes damp. Not only does this provide excellent thermal insulation, it provides another wind barrier and, most important of all, it wicks moisture away from the wearer, through the fabric to evaporate from the outer layer.

Finally, the inner layer is knitted from 100% acrylic to avoid the discomfort and irritation of wool next to the skin. This layer is more loosely knitted than the outer to maximise both warmth and softness.

Our Medium Weight jumpers are comprised of two layers – the inner and outer layers without the polypropylene filling. These combine to give good thermal protection and, because of the density of the knit, good wind resistant and snag resistant properties.

Our Light Weight jumper is comprised of a single layer of a tightly knitted blend of 80% acrylic and 20% wool. 

All of our jumpers are machine washable. Do not tumble dry.

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