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"Tried and tested" - Lansdown Shooting Jumpers and Thermelite Rugs

We have had some more coverage in the press this month in the "Tried and Tested" section of Feb/March Horse and Countryside Magazine.

Testing our Heavyweight Zip-Neck jumper, tester Laurence Murphy writes: "I really like the appearance - it is very "country" and wouldn't look out of place on a shoot, but is equally at home when I get dragged to the shops or I'm walking the dogs. What really strikes me is how warm it is and it's now my "go to" jumper on colder evenings."

Describing his initial reservations about the jumper's wool content and concerns about caring for it, he continues: "Everything here goes in the washing machine, so having a wool product that's been created to be easy to look after is certainly appealing."

Meanwhile, tester Lauren Nightingale was putting our Lansdown Thermelite rug through its paces and discovering why we pride ourselves on our perfect fit: "Well made and a great fit, this rug looks smart and has a padded finish around the neck that provides a comfortable fit across the withers. I have never used a rug with a cam buckle before but I'm pleased to say it is very secure and stays fastened all night so it doesn't slip back or move."

She goes on to test how truly multi-purpose a rug it is: "I used it after exercise when my horse was damp from being washed off and overnight while he is stabled because it is breathable and keeps him nice and warm". 

"I will also use the rug for travelling to shows and under an outdoor rug once he is clipped if the weather turns very cold. With so many uses, this is a very handy rug for any horse owner and the excellent quality means it will last for years".




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