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Greyhound Coats Progress

Work is underway on developing our new greyhound dog coats. Yesterday we visited Emma, a lady with six impeccably behaved and very patient greyhounds who were happy to model a sample of our first attempt. We still have some way to go before we are satisfied, but Nessie, our main canine model, certainly looked very smart!

Whilst we were there, Emma told us all about the work of Greyhound Rescue West of England. ( Emma has fostered several dogs from GRWE and, happily for them, “fostering” has become a more permanent arrangement! Some of their stories before GRWE stepped in were incredibly sad – one dog had had 9 different owners in 2 years, whilst another arrived covered in bruises and with evidence of a botched castration.

Happily, there was no evidence of any of this as six dogs snoozed happily on their separate beds (and sofas!) and I was very happy to learn more about such fantastic dogs. I hope to return soon with version 2 of our greyhound coat and will take a picture of them. See GRWE at the Bath & West Show 30th May – 2nd June and at Nunney Street Fayre on 4th August. 

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