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Behind the scenes at our Men's Shooting Jumpers Photo Shoot

As soon as we launched the new website, it became very clear that we needed some more photos of our Men's Shooting Jumpers to complement those taken of our Ladies Equestrian Clothing range. Whilst it is great to be able to see a close up of a jumper on a mannequin, we felt it was more useful for people to be able to see what our jumpers looked like on real people!

Without further delay, we called up Mustard Models and booked Martin and Jason for our shoot, as well as Jake Morley, the photographer we had used for our previous ladies shoot. Rebecca of Sylen Sport Horses was kind enough to grant us the use of her wonderful property for the location (as well as letting us use her dogs, Scooby and Wizz, and horse Sylen Foxy Lady as some model extras)...

I think it is safe to say that whoever said fashion was glamorous probably wasn't in Wales last Thursday. The rain poured down, and the wind blew. However, thanks to numerous cups of tea, courtesy of Rebecca, the pep talks of Jake the photographer "We are already wet, does it really make any difference if we go and stand in the rain again?" and (thank goodness) the fact that the clothing we were modelling was well suited to the weather, we managed to enjoy the day. We certainly put the jumpers through yet more rigorous product testing!

Below is Scooby in our dog drying coat which proved very welcome... My photo manages to capture Jake and both models posing in the driving rain, whilst the final photo is a sneak preview of one of Jake's images which will be loaded onto the site in the next few weeks. 

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