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It's no fun when rain stops play!

Lansdown attended the South of England Agricultural Show and Bramham Horse Trials last weekend and was drenched at both events! 

Exhibiting for the first time at both shows, the weather conditions were far from ideal. At Ardingly showground in West Sussex, we experienced driving rain (see picture below!) and gale force winds. On day 2, exhibitors were advised to take down any small tents and flag poles (which we did) but the wind still managed to ruin our display, blowing over two rails of clothing splashing them with mud - although this did make for some very happy customers on the Saturday when we sold them at bargain prices. More seriously, all showjumping classes were cancelled as the high winds kept blowing the jumps over.

At Bramham, they were forced to cancel the Burghley Young Event Horse class and the stallion parade and it was pretty miserable shopping weather. Fingers crossed for our next two events which are Gatcombe Festival of British Eventing and the CLA GameFair. 

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