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Update on Embroidery Options on our Men's Shooting Jumpers

 Since I last posted, not just one but two of our July Shows (Gatcombe and the CLA) have had to be cancelled because of the weather and unsafe ground conditions. However, on the plus side (!), we have put the lost time to good use and sorted out our embroidery options on the website at long last.

To view our embroideries, click on the embroidery picture (shown here) which is always the last image on the product page. To view embroideries close up, simply use your mouse to "hover" over it and it will automatically zoom in on it. Each embroidery is accompanied by a description and a code e.g Pheasant, S1 (Also pictured below)


Once you have chosen your embroidery, check the "With Embroidery box" at the top of each Shooting Jumper product page. (Embroideries are an additional £3.50). Once ticked, a drop down menu appears underneath the tick box with the full list of motifs available. Click on your choice and then proceed to choose the size of jumper you require and add to your Cart.

Before you "Checkout", "Your Cart" will display a picture of your jumper with its description and size. Your embroidery will feature on a separate line with your jumper description AND your embroidery code.

It is not (yet) a perfect solution, but it does work, and is a lot easier than I have made it sound...

As before, if you would like a unique embroidery, or your club or company logo embroidered onto your hunting jumper, then please do not hesitate to contact us for further details. We do all of our embroidery in house and enjoy a challenge!

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