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Introducing our Lansdown Super Socks!

Ever since we launched our new collection of funky coloured super socks at Burghley we have been bombarded with emails asking when we would be putting them on our website. Well, they are finally here, with many apologies for the delay...

Anyone who has ever bought these knows exactly why we call them "Super Socks" but to the uninitiated, I will do my best to explain! The socks have a padded toe and heel which makes them extremely comfortable to wear - your feet feel cushioned and cosy all day long. They actually stay up, which is always a bonus, they wash easily and they last for ages. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to come onto our trade stand at shows and tell us that the socks they bought two years ago are still going strong before lifting their trouser leg and showing us they are wearing them!!

We always wear them when we are working at shows because they are just so comfortable - a whole extra layer of protection on your feet. They are also a brilliant walking sock, and are perfect for anyone who suffers from cold feet in the winter. Some people love to ride in them, and they are regularly bought as golfing socks for men!

We were so impressed by the popularity and performance of our original socks that we have now launched them in a wider range of colours. If you like stripey, spotty or even socks with hearts on, then we now have a pair for you - all carefully coordinating with our Hedley and County clothing collections. Or, if you prefer an argyle pattern or just plain and simple, then we have that covered too.

We will be taking them to the Shooting Show and West Country Game Fair in the next few months, so keep a look out and come and try a pair!


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