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Mobile phone pockets - do we need them??????

Mobile phone pockets - do we need them??????

We are busy developing ranges for next year and are keen to get your feedback on this topic that has been bouncing around our design stable.

Over the years, mobile phones have grown to become such a large part of our lives. Not only do we make phone calls on them, but we interact with the whole world via various apps, social media and even watch TV and films on them.

What started out as a "brick", slowly began to get smaller and smaller, as technology developed and society pushed for smaller lighter media to make their calls and send texts on.

With the continued evolution of technology and the birth of the smartphone, we have seen a meteoric shift in the sizes of mobile phones with the latest iPhone 7 Plus nearly 6 1/2 inches in length. However as they are now no longer a luxury and a necessary addition to our lifestyle, the question we at Lansdown are asking is "Would you want a phone pocket" built in to your lifestyle garments, such as polo and rugby shirts? If so where do we build them? In the side seam or sewn inside?  

We really would appreciate your feedback on this, as it is you who we make our clothing for, so we want to know what you really want from us? 

All people who feedback will be put into a draw to win a goody bag of Lansdown clothing.

Many thanks

Corrie and the Lansdown team.

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